On the 10th of September Mr. Alessandrini - CEO of 2 Square - was invited by prof. Rullani of the Luiss University in Rome to give a speech in one of the lessons of their Master of Business and Administration.
The topic was related to his career as a manager and entrepreneur and he has been taken as an example of entrepreneur not in the sense of creating new companies but also as mind set, as perspective to be used in already established companies of any dimension.
The lesson was attended by students of different nationalities and continents and was a success, with excellent response and interest.
The company is considering the request of some of this young international students for possible collaborations.
New “projects” are under evaluation to spread this business model among other institutes and try to stimulate the young potential entrepreneurs to participate.
For 2Square and his CEO this has been a great satisfaction and gives additional motivation to continue the success of the current development of the company.