From concept design to turnkey project,  2Square team develop each project in its entirety


Survey of the site area with the latest 3D  mapping technologies on the market, up to the graphic overlap between the site area and the final result.

Project Management

An exclusive project manager, the unique referent with the customer who is responsible for transposing the guidelines and channeling the flow of information to the company and from the company to the workers on site.


The core of the project:  the combination of wood, metal, glass, finishes, lighting, etc. The fine craftsmanship, combined with the precision of high-tech machinery allow to express the highest quality on the market.


A team of highly specialized installers will be on site, to receive the materials and to ensure proper installation according to the  timetable and the terms agreed with the client.

Customized design

Creative definition of the project according to the customer vision, from the development of stylistic lines to the choice of the materials.


From the stylistic guidelines to the  construction details  optimizing production methods, time and budget.


Realization of 1:1 scale mock-up. It is an extremely important phase before the launch of the production and it helps to evaluate the finishes, the correspondence between briefing and tangible results, as well as the functionality of the project with a view to the fruition by the end user.


The ability to manage project delivery worldwide proceeding by sea, by airfreight or by truck, as well as the ability to coordinate customs operations if necessary, and the entire logistics process until delivery to the customer in the best way.

After Sale

We are always at the client's disposal even after the project is completed. We are glad to manage any kind of requests to  integrate and support the possible maintenance over time. Everything is made to ensure that our projects preserve their original appearance over time.